The phrase LOL, as defined by Wikipedia:
" LOL (also spelled lol) is a TLA acronym, the abbreviation for "laugh out loud" or less commonly "lots of laughs," "lord o lord," or the backronym "lots of lol". LOL is a common element of Internet slang used historically on Usenet and in bulletin board systems; and continuing to the present day in nearly all Internet and wireless venues (e.g IRC and instant meesaging). It is used for expressing general amusement, or a wide variety of subtle emotions depending on subcultural context. As well as being a state of action, some use the word as a verb, such as "I'm going to lol." Many similar acronyms for expressing laughter exist. In Dutch "lol" is a common word meaning "fun", but recently, the term LOL has been sneaking into English spoken conversational speech as well, as a wry acknowledgment of humour rather than actually laughing."


Alex, Tim, and Chris view the women in their lives through the dimensions of a computer screen or the lens of a camera-phone, as they struggle to balance their online fantasies and addictions with the demands of real life. This up-to-the-second feature intimately explores masculinity in the new millennium, a time when young men are trying to decipher the mixed messages of modern relationships and technology. Featuring a nonprofessional cast, video contributions from people all over the world, and original music by lead actor Kevin Bewersdorf, this funny and thoughtful film offers an honest portrait of how the latest tools of communication can either help us click or turn us off.


Collaboration can be difficult, especially for a stubborn control-freak like me, but it can also be extremely rewarding. I was very fortunate during the making of "LOL" to be surrounded by people who continued to surprise, excite, and challenge me. Working entirely without a script, or even a plot outline, I was lucky enough to find people who were not only up for the challenge of discovering the film as we went, but who actually thrived in this environment and worked tirelessly to craft a narrative film out of a series of loose scenes and ideas. We started with nothing but the theme of relationships and technology, and over the course of 6 months we discovered a film much funnier, sadder, and more relevant that I ever could have hoped for. I attribute all of the great discoveries to my collaborators, a devoted group of friends and filmmakers who asked for nothing in return for their talent. I am in debt to them, not only financially, but artistically.


Kevin Bewersdorf (mySpace link) (website) as Alex  
Joe Swanberg (mySpace link) (website) as Tim  
C. Mason Wells (mySpace link) as Chris  
Tipper Newton (mySpace link) as Walter  
Brigid Reagan as Ada  
Greta Gerwig (mySpace link) as Greta  
Kate Winterich as Tessa  
Mike Hagan as Mike  
Laura Lippert (mySpace link) as Flirt at Party  
Anne Wells (mySpace link) as Walter's Friend  


Producer, Director, Editor, and Director of Photography: Joe Swanberg

Writers: Joe Swanberg, C. Mason Wells, and Kevin Bewersdorf

Original Music by Kevin Bewersdorf


81 mins. / color / 4:3 / stereo / DVCam

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